EUnice Murage
Executive CO-Director

Eunice Murage has been working with street children since 2007, when a street boy tried to steal her bag and the Lord gave her a desire to help boys leave the streets. In 2011, Kristen and Eunice began working on the streets together until coming to the Shelter in 2014. Eunice volunteers as executive co-director of the Shelter while she works full time as a risk management consultant in Nairobi. She lives in Nairobi with her husband, Isaac and their children Owen and Alma.  


Kristen lowry
Executive Co-director

Kristen Lowry moved to Kenya in 2008. During an assignment on street children, Kristen was burdened for the boys and felt the calling to devote her time to helping them. She returned to Kenya in 2010, where she spent  four years working alongside Eunice before coming to the Shelter. Kristen currently lives in Kenya with her husband, Daniel and their children Serafina and Ebenezer. 



Daniel is as our director, and oversees the day-to-day operation of the Shelter. He has been at the Shelter for nine years, where he has also overseen the educational curriculum, served as a house parent and also taught in the classroom.  In addition, Daniel facilitates talent development through games and sports activities. 

"I feel motivated to see the life of kids changing. The part that encourages me most is finding a boy who had lost hope for education and then is able to go back to school. Witnessing a boy changing from street boy to a graduate in different field gives me strength to work harder." 



ELphas Okoyo

Elphas is our social worker, and is responsible for identifying boys on the streets, preparing them for rescue, as well as their rehabilitation while at Shelter. He also conducts home visits for the purpose of reuniting children with their families. He is particularly interested in talent identification among children living in the streets and those housed in Shelter. He also oversees our scouting program.


Isaiah joined our staff in 2016 after serving as an intern at the Shelter. He is a recent graduate of Kenyatta University.  
Isaiah is the head of our social work department, and is responsible for family reunification, as well as completing follow ups with boys who have left the Shelter. 



Paul Mwangi
Child Welfare Manager

Paul has been at the Shelter for fourteen years, serving as a house parent, nurse, and educator.  He has a diploma in animal health/production and a certificate in community nursing. In addition to his other duties, Paul is in charge of all the animals at the Shelter, and teaches the boys how to care for them.  Paul says that for him, the most rewarding part of working at the Shelter is the opportunity to “empower the boys with plenty of love, joy and confidence as their house parent.”



Francis is a Shelter alumni and talented artisan who now uses his skills to teach boys how to express themselves through art. The sale of the beautiful beadwork helps support the Shelter. He also teaches boys welding in order to help them prepare for a career outside the Shelter.

"I have a passion for my work and am happy when passing it to others who have faced the same challenges I faced when I was young."





Benard is a Shelter alumni and is responsible for preparing and serving all meals at the Shelter, as well as in training boys themselves how to cook. He is a former Shelter beneficiary and has served at the Shelter for fourteen years.

"I love my job and I love Shelter because it changed my life and up to date helps me to better my life."


Peter Kibui

Peter serves as the head of our carpentry department, where he teaches boys woodworking as well as the skills they will need to successfully run a small business.

"I like being self sufficient. It makes me feel good when I give or teach manual skills that can make a boy to be self sufficient and work for the wellbeing of his family."