Our Approach


Rescue, rehabilitate, reunite.  

Naivasha Children’s Shelter believes in the worth of every child, and every child’s right to have a safe environment to learn, grow and play. And we believe the very best place for a child is in a family. That’s why we work on the streets of Kenya to rescue boys, rehabilitate them, and reunite them with their families.


Each year, the Shelter rescues 20-30 boys from life on the streets. We reach out to boys while they are still living on the streets, building relationships with them through shared meals, counseling, and sports. 

We work with each child to find his family and understand the circumstances that drove him to a life on the streets. Often, the child experienced difficult circumstances either at home or at school, and opted for the streets as a way to escape from the difficult environment.

Boys are then rescued from the streets and brought to Naivasha Children's Shelter, where they are provided with clean clothes, food, and a warm bed to sleep in.

Shelter social workers will work with each boy and his family to develop an individual plan for rehabilitation and reunification. The boys will stay at Shelter for anywhere from one months to one year, where they will be nurtured and cared for as they learn all of the skills they will need to return to their family.

Boys participate in both group and individual counseling, as well as drug education and life skills training. The boys learn responsibility through normal family chores (milking the cows, washing their clothes, helping to prepare food), and learn how to be leaders in their communities. They also have the opportunity for recreational activities such as sports, hiking and scouting.

Qualified teachers help the boys learn though informal education that will prepare them to return to school. The boys also have the opportunity to be involved in a local church.

The social worker works with the boys’ families to prepare them for reunification. He counsels them on parenting skills, and also helps them organize self-help groups, that can help them secure loans to begin small businesses.

Socials workers assess a boy’s home to make sure both the family and the boy are prepared for reunification. If the family is ready, and a loving parent is prepared to provide for the boy’s basic needs and schooling, the boy is reunited with his family.

In cases where the child feels that either he is too old or too far behind to return to school, we give him the opportunity to study carpentry and welding at the Shelter. The one-year course allows the boy to become fully trained and certified in carpentry, and begin working to support himself.