Our Progress

At Naivasha Children’s Shelter, we are able to measure success through several outcomes:

-the number of boys rescued from the streets
-the number of boys reunited with their families
-the number of families empowered to care for their children
-the number of former beneficiaries graduating primary, and later, secondary school
-the number of young men successfully trained in carpentry and subsequently employed in the field 


Off the streets

Since 2015, Naivasha Children's Shelter has rescued 109 boys from the streets. We focus our efforts on boys who have found themselves living on the streets. Our social worker spends months on the streets, getting to know the boys and preparing them for a new life. 



Naivasha Children's Shelter believes that the best place for a child is in a family. Once we rescue boys from the streets, we work to identify the reason the boy left home, and try to restore the family. Since 2015, 93 boys have been reunited with their families and are attending school. The Shelter currently supports 40 boys with school fees. 


Trained and employed 

Some boys feel that either they are too old, or too far behind, to return to school.  We give these boys the opportunity to enroll in a one-year carpentry course at the Shelter. Since 2015, 26 boys have been fully trained and certified in carpentry, and are working to support themselves.