Naivasha Children’s Shelter believes in the worth of every child, and every child’s right to have a safe environment to learn, grow and play. And we believe the very best place for a child is in a family. That’s why we work on the streets of Kenya to rescue boys, rehabilitate them, and reunite them with their families.

Our mission is to rescue children from the streets and provide them with the love, care, guidance, and support they need to become productive and responsible members of society.

Our vision is to reduce the number of boys on the streets in Kenya through rehabilitation, education, empowerment, and reintegration with their families.

Naivasha Children’s Shelter rescues and rehabilitates 20-30 street boys each year and works to reunite them with their families, or provide them with career training and placement if they are too old to return to school. 

We aim to be a national and regional leader in the rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration of street children. We want to set industry standards and best practices that can be replicated across Kenya and the East African region.