Today at the Shelter

Great news! 

The day has finally arrived. Sixteen boys have been waiting (impatiently) for today. Our social workers spent 3 months on the streets getting to know the boys and preparing them for a new life, and finally the day has come for the boys to leave the streets. 

The social workers went to the streets early this morning, and gathered the boys. After saying goodbye to all of their friends on the streets, the boys got in a van, and began the journey to their new life. When they arrived at the Shelter, they were given a hot meal, clean clothes and a place to shower. They all received haircuts and medical care. Some of the boys were shocked to get their own bed--with a mattress and blanket! Many of these boys haven't slept on a bed in months, and for some it has been years. 

The boys then gathered with staff and other children at the Shelter to burn their old street clothes--a symbol of leaving behind their old life. 

All of these boys will need sponsors to help them change their lives. If you would like to sponsor one of these boys, and encourage them on their journey, please email us at to find out which boys are available for sponsorship, or visit our website at .

$100 a month provides for a boy's complete care including housing, daily food, medical care, drug rehabilitation, sports, skills training, education, counseling, talent development, and outreach to his parents.

You will receive a photo and biography of your sponsored child, and the opportunity to write him letters and get updates about his life. 

Thanks for partnering with us as we rescue these boys from the streets, restore their lives and then reunite them with their families!