Rescuing boys and building leaders

Charles was recently elected by his classmates as school's president.

Charles was recently elected by his classmates as school's president.

Charles came to the Shelter when he was only three years old. He was rescued by neighbors and brought to the Shelter after he was abandoned by his mother.
For years, Charles struggled with his studies. At age 12, he still struggled with reading and writing. He was a shy boy, and had a difficult time making friends outside the Shelter.

But recently, Charles has made huge improvements in his studies and has proved himself a leader among his peers.  This year, Charles, with the help of some other Shelter boys, ran a campaign to become president of his elementary school.  In Kenyan schools, students in fourth through eighth grade are allowed to vote on a school president. On voting day, Charles, who is only in sixth grade, was overwhelmingly elected as the school's president!

According to Charles, some of his roles include ensuring that discipline is maintained, ensuring that all pupils participate in cleaning the school and reporting any concerns raised by pupils to the head teacher.

Charles credits his teachers at Shelter with helping prepare him to be a leader.  "My teachers at Shelter are very supportive and have taught me how to be disciplined, honest and hardworking, which are qualities of a good leader," Charles said. 

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