Notes from the field...Samson's story

Notes from the field...
In May, we shared with you about Samson. Samson was rescued from the streets in March, after running away from home when he lost his father's bicycle. A couple weeks ago, one of our social workers, Isaiah, traveled with Samson to visit his family. The following is a report from Isaiah.

Kitale, Kenya; June 2018

"On arrival to the home, we were welcomed with opened arms by a group of women who were having a church fellowship at their home. The entire village broke out in celebration after the good news emerged that Samson is back. Others broke into tears of joy. The boy was reported to police as a lost child. His case was also reported on a local radio station. His parents, who are devout Christians, were joined by the church members in the rescue mission. They traveled through western Kenyan’s towns such as Bungoma, Kakamega and Eldoret in search of the child. However, their efforts were futile. Eventually, they gave up and left the rest to God.
Samson's father works in Limuru and the mother stays at home. Upon arrival, we had thanksgiving prayers with the family members and the neighbors. 

Since the father was away, I decided to have a conference call with him to update and inquire more information about the child. He was thankful to Shelter for rescuing his beloved son.
 ‘Sam is my favorite son and I love him so much, he only took my bicycle but God enabled me to purchase a motorcycle instead. I have even forgiven him long time ago,' he shared. After getting that response from him, I knew that all was well. The boy is now accepted back at home. As we continued chatting, I explained to them more about the Shelter and that the boy should finish up the rehabilitation program before being reunited with his family.
The following day, we visited Fig Tree Primary School where the child used to study. Both the teachers and the pupils were very happy that he is back."

-Isaiah, social worker for Naivasha Children's Shelter

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In the greenhouse

Kelvin harvests tomatoes from one of our greenhouses. This year, our produce has been exceptionally good--we have been able to grow enough vegetables for the boys, and even had surplus to sell in the market! Growing our own food helps move us toward sustainability, and also helps teach responsibility and stewardship to the boys! 

2018 medical camp

The Shelter partnered with Ndonyo Healthcare Hospital in  Naivasha to conduct a medical camp for the 41 boys currently living at the Shelter. Each boy was examined by a physician, and given advice on how to remain healthy. This service is vital to the future health of the boys, many who suffered from ill health while living on the streets.