Update from our carpentry department 

Our carpentry department is committed to equipping young men from the streets with the skills and training they need to succeed in life and become self-supporting. 

Jeff's story 


Two years ago, Jeff was finishing eighth grade when his mother remarried. His step-father was unkind to him, insulting him and abusing him until, finally, Jeff ran to the streets. Jeff spent a year living on the streets--begging for food, and being abused by police and older boys. He lost hope. 

Then, in April 2017, something miraculous happened. Jeff met a Shelter social worker who told him that a different life was possible. Jeff was rescued and brought to Naivasha Children's Shelter, where he was given clothing, food and a bed to sleep in. He was surrounded by loving and supporting adults who helped him recover from his time on the streets. Jeff decided to pursue a carpentry course, and spent a year studying carpentry and joinery at the Shelter.

"My friends who remained on the streets, they are really suffering," Jeff said. "Some of them are in jail now. That would have been me without Shelter."

Jeff is now doing an attachment at a local carpentry shop, and the owner said he is one of his best workers. 

"The Shelter carpentry course has given me new hope for life. I know I will be able to support myself, and my future is looking good. I want to thank all of the people who have given to Shelter to give me this opportunity--may God bless you."

To help us rescue more boys from the streets of Kenya and give them a second chance in life, please consider partnering with us with a one-time or monthly donation.   


Peter was recently elected as head boy of the Shelter. Peter, who was rescued from the streets in March, said that the job is a big responsibility. 

"Being head boy means that I ensure all the boys are doing their responsibilities. I also must be fair to all the boys in helping settle disputes. I must treat all the boys equally even if one of them is my friend. If there is a problem too big for me to handle, I will get help from the teachers." 

Peter lived on the streets for seven years before being rescued by Naivasha Children's Shelter. He's now pursuing a carpentry course to provide for himself and his family. We're so thankful to have him as part of the Shelter family!


Nine new boys began our carpentry program this month. These boys have completed our rehabilitation program and will study carpentry and joinery for one year before doing a three-month attachment and then being reunited with their family and placed in a job in a local carpentry shop.